Frequently Asked Questions

The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) as well as the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) state that the table bed height for both professional and non-professional play be 29 1/4″ minimum to 31″ maximum. Additionally, we have found that if your table is located on carpeting, the FlatJax pool table leveler may sink down into/compress the carpet and pad the entire 1/2 inch that the device is tall due to the weight of the table. Given the acceptable range by the BCA/WPA specifications, we do not expect that the FlatJax Pool Table Levelers would raise the table bed higher than the 31″ maximum. However each table can be different and we would recommend you check the height of your individual table bed to ensure it would still fall within the acceptable range. 

Remember this is the playing surface that is specified. If measuring to the top of the rails, that is 1 3/4 inch higher than the playing surface. Which would be 31″ to 32 3/4″ if measuring to the top of the rail. 

The bottom of the FlatJax Pool Table Leveler (as well as the top of the device), is comprised of highly durable, medium textured, slip resistant synthetic rubber. 

We do not anticipate that the material would cause any damage or scratches to flooring as long as the surface the pool table leveler is sitting on is clean and free of debris.

Depending on the weight and build of your table there are several options. 

If you are having a new table installed, have the installers place the device for you. Order about a week prior to your installation date if you are in the Continental U.S. to ensure your items will arrive on time.

However, if your table is already installed, you will need to lift or jack up the table. If you have someone to help you, you can have one or two people lift each end of the table gently and have another person place the device under each leg. We have also had customers use jacks on the ends of the table, placing the jack on the short ends of the table (not the long sides). We never recommending jacking your table from the center or the long sides.