How to Level a Pool Table:
Using FlatJax

You will find many methods when searching “how to level a pool table”, however, we have yet to find a method that is as easy as using FlatJax. FlatJax pool table levelers are specifically designed to level your table easily without repeatedly lifting the table for shimming. No professional installation is needed and future adjustments are simple to make.

Once you have purchased your set, simply following the instructions below.

How to Level Your Pool Table:

To level your pool table you will need a carpenter’s bubble level or a 360-degree digital level app available on most smartphones. Then ensure all FlatJax are in the fully lowered position. Place one FlatJax leveler under each of the four legs of your pool table.

Using the bubble level along the sides and ends of the table determine which corner is highest. If using a smartphone app, place in the center of the table to determine which corner is highest. Do not raise the FlatJax pool table leveler on the highest corner. Simply raise up the three remaining corners of the table to the position to meet the highest corner. Level the table along its length first and then side to side using the included soft grip ball driver.

Each clockwise full turn of the driver raises the FlatJax leveler .004 of an inch. Each FlatJax will raise up an additional 3/8 of an inch to level your pool table even on the most uneven floors. Check the level of your table periodically as settling may occur.