How to Use FlatJax


FlatJax pool table levelers are easy and quick to use. You can level your table using a 360° digital leveler app or on an iPhone access your compass tool and swipe right to get the digital leveler or traditional spirit leveler (bubble leveler).

Place one FlatJax leveler under each of the four legs on your pool table. Make sure that all the levelers are in the lowered position.

By using your phone level in the center of the table or a carpenter’s bubble level along the sides and ends, determine which corner of the table is the highest.

The FlatJax level under the highest corner should never be raised. The three remaining corners of the table should be raised up to the level position to meet the highest corner. The table should be leveled along its length first and then side to side. Check the level of your table periodically as settling may occur.

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