Quick & Easy Pool Table
Leveling With This Unique
Pool Table Leveler Device

Introducing FlatJax...

No more trial and error lifting

FlatJax is an innovative pool table leveler designed to improve your game with a simple twist of the wrist for precise pool table leveling.

The back breaking work of lifting your pool table each time you want to make an adjustment is a thing of the past. Forget about shims or stacked playing cards too. No more getting tired or a sore back from trial and error lifting to place shims under your pool table.

The FlatJax pool table leveler is a simple twist of the wrist to raise or lower your device to the precise height desired. Making it simple to finally achieve a level pool table legs.

Built To Last

Each FlatJax pool table leveler has been CNC machined for high precision dependability.

Constructed of a single piece of aircraft quality billet aluminum FlatJax are built for durability and can withstand weights up to 1,200 pounds (with each leg supporting up to 300 pounds).

We proudly manufacture FlatJax pool table levelers in the USA!

Easy & Precise Adjustments

The FlatJax pool table leveler is so precise that with each twist of the included ball driver in the FlatJax pool table leveler you can adjust by just thousands of an inch. Each full turn of the ball driver raises the FlatJax pool table leveler .004 of an inch, which is about the thickness of one sheet of printer paper! Therefore, giving you far more control than shims that are only as accurate as their thickness. Each leveler fully lowered is 1/2 inch tall. The FlatJax pool table leveler raises to an additional 3/8 of an inch for the most uneven floors.

Improves Your Game!

Do you notice the balls changing direction as they come to a stop? Are you having trouble controlling the ball speed and distance? Do your balls roll away from the rail on a well-executed soft rail shot on one or more sides of the table? These are all signs you may be playing on an unlevel table. Sometimes, whether we are aware of it or not, we begin to compensate for an unlevel pool table. However, now there is an easier way to level your table and improve your game with FlatJax pool table levelers.

How To Easily Level A Pool Table With FlatJax

Nearly Frictionless Lift

Even most internal levelers require you to unload the weight of the table in order to make adjustments. Once FlatJax are placed under the table leg, all adjustments for tables weighing up to 1,200 lbs. can be made with the included soft-grip ball driver.

Use the included soft-grip ball driver to raise and lower the device. Each device is 1/2 inch tall and can raise up to an additional 3/8 of an inch with precision adjustments.

The sides of the above FlatJax leveler have been milled away to show the internal components. We guarantee this product will help you level your table with precision, quickness, and ease.

FlatJax Levelers are designed to be unobtrusive and work for tables located on solid floors or carpeting. FlatJax can be used with round or square table legs.

Why Use FlatJax?

A level table enhances your playing experience

Eliminates repeated lifting of the table for trial and error shimming

No need for professional pool table leveling

Easy to re-adjust as house floors settle or carpet and pad compress

Backed by 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 10-Year Warranty

Made in the USA by a family-owned and operated company