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Easy to use and level. 

This product made it very easy to level my pool table

peter schulz via Amazon

 Well Worth The Money 

"I rarely write reviews, but I really like these and am probably going to go into too much detail. The quick summary if you want to skip everything below: they are well worth the money, I would buy them again (they will last forever so won’t need to), I highly recommend them, I paid full retail price and have no affiliation in any way with the company or anyone at the company. I didn’t know they existed until I started searching for levelers on Amazon a few days ago.

My Current Setup:
I have a low-mid grade 7’ Brunswick table, and plan on upgrading to a 7’ Diamond Pro-Am in the next year or so (not enough room for an 8’). My floor has wood I-joists that span 28' and are appropriately sized for code/safety, but there is some deflection that results in me needing about 3/16"" shimming on my lowest corner which resulted in a lot of playing cards to shim it up. If you just need a playing card or two under a couple of corners, that might not be too bad, but I needed a ton of cards to make up the 3/16” on the low side (less on the other 2 corners, but still a stack). The stack of playing cards slid easily, so I had to keep re-adjusting the table, and it was hard to adjust the stack height when leveling because the stack would keep misaligning and you would see the cards under the feet. In my photo of the full table, you can see the stack of cards I took out on the floor (from all corners).

What I Was Searching For:
I was going to get a nut and bolt set up with an integrated foot for raising/lowering the table. The issue with the bolt setup is that you have to un-weight the table to turn it for adjustments (so basically a 2-3 person job anytime you adjust it), they are difficult to install aftermarket (either raise the table a foot or so to get a drill underneath or dis-assemble the table and flip it over), and they are fairly tall so the table height gets raised a bit.

What I Found (FlatJax):
When I saw the FlatJax, I thought it was a ridiculous price for a pool table leveler but looked up the details just to see what deal was. After researching them a bit, I realized that they are very well built, sturdy, and take care of all the issues I noted above. The fact that I don't have to disassemble my table (re-felting is more expensive than these) or have to jack it up to drill holes and install screws underneath (which is somewhat sketchy), and that I can keep these when I upgrade my table made them well worth the price.

I received them quickly after ordering and I was able to slide them under each leg by myself (awkward crawl under each corner and push up with my back while sliding one of the FlatJax under the leg). Since I had the card stacks from before, I knew the approximate amount to raise each leg (one leg stayed with the FlatJax not raised at all). Remember that it does extremely fine adjustments, so it takes a lot of turns to see it move. I then just kept carefully hitting the cue ball along/near the rails and adjusting each corner so that the cue started rolling straight everywhere. It took me about 10 minutes and the result is as perfect as I can get this table to be (I think there is a slight sag in the middle of my table as this low-mid grade table might not have the strongest support system…). The table does not slide around at all anymore and it is so easy and quick to continue to fine-tune if needed.

As a side note, the FlatJax are ½” tall, then you can raise from there about 3/8”. My table was already on the low end of WPA height rules (rules: table bed height shall be between 29 ¼ inches [74.295 cm] and 31 inches [78.74 cm]), but even if it had brought the table a little higher than the rules, it is still way better than playing on a non-level table…

The Only Negatives I Can Think Of:
-The price will be high for some people, but I found them to be well worth the price.
-The only color is a polished aluminum; I wish they offered something like black anodizing (I would have paid a little more for that).
-The only shape is round. They say they are milled out of a solid aluminum block, so it would be nice of the outside piece could be square. They wouldn’t have to change the center round part or the mechanism at all so it would seem to be an easy option for them to provide.

H. May via Amazon 

Phenomenal, innovative product! 

What a difference FlatJax makes! In summary, this ingenious product makes it far easier to level your table, make ongoing adjustments as needed, and most of all improve your game. I previously made trial and error adjustments the usual way - lifting the table, adding/adjusting shims, and whenever lifting - it’s impossible to place the table exactly where it was, and those slight movements would throw off the rest of the table balance. The result was settling for “close enough”. With FlatJax, once under the legs it was very easy to tweak as much as needed to be as perfect as possible, resulting in immediate improvements to my rail and bank shots, where “close enough” level wasn’t good enough!

The leveling process was easy. My only challenge was my leveling instrument wasn’t 100% perfect, so it got me very close, and then it was the roll of the ball that helped me make final fine tuning adjustments. A tip - I recorded how many revolutions I used for the 3 legs, as that became a useful frame of reference. I ended up with approximately 1/4” for the lowest leg and 1/8” for the other two. The resulting table height change is well within guidelines, and it’s noticeable in a good way, as the fraction of an inch makes it more comfortable to get into shooting position.

While I was skeptical about the cost before purchasing FlatJax, I can say with certainty that it is well worth the expense. Going forward, it will be easy to keep my table as perfectly level as possible and this definitely improves my game!

MVA Amazon via Amazon 

Works exactlyas advertised 

These levelers will raise the table 0.5 inch on all 4 legs and then give 0 - 3/8 in per leg for leveling. I like raising everything 0.5 in to start with since my table surface was only 30 in to start with.

Levelers work exactly as stated. Would buy again absolutely.

MB via Amazon 

Brilliant leveling solution 

Purchased these after struggling to level our table with shims and jacks for way too long. These make the job simple and lightening fast and permit very quick micro adjustments to fine tune the level. Yes they're expensive, but they are well worth it to save the time and aggravation of leveling your table the old fashioned way. 

jcranker via Amazon 

They work! 

Leveling heavy loudspeakers - easy to use and compact and elegant! 

Wrilliam via Amazon 

I wish I thought of these things!

These things saved my Ass! It took me less than an hour to level my pool table. Otherwise I probably would still be trying to get it right. Thank you for making this awesome tool! 

Chad via Amazon


Had new carpet installed in the upstairs poolroom and had to move my table. Even after the carpet install the table was still almost level. Luckily, it was still in the same location as before and the floor itself had settled over the years. However, I did not settle for almost level so I checked out the FlatJax online and I needed something adjustable. I balked at the price but the idea was sound and very impressive. The disks were a little smaller than I imagined. Placed them under the table legs and let them settle on the new carpet and, Lo and Behold, near perfection came with the FlatJax. I am a firm believer in the ease and function of this product. Bravo, well done!!! 

Mikey_B via Amazon 

Brilliant product 

I was planning to dismantle my pool table to turn it upside down and install leg levelers, when I discovered this product on Amazon. This item works exactly as advertised. It is brilliantly designed and built with precision. I highly recommend it. 

Billiardman via Amazon 

These are well worth the cost! 

Pool tables have to be leveled periodically (I didn't know that). These install easily and make the leveling process much quicker. You will also need a good level. 

Mark Loomis via Amazon 

Works great to level on a sloped surface over carpet & pad! 

I bought the FlatJax levelers when I installed my new pool table over carpet & padding in my basement where the floor slopes slightly to the rack end of the table toward the laundry room floor drain. I centered each FlatJax under the legs and positioned them so the adjustment point for the leveling tool was facing a consistent direction so I could locate them by "feel" through the carpet fibers. I let the table settle for several days into the carpet and pad before leveling. In my installation I had to raise the two legs on the foot end of the table to account for the floor slope; I did not use the full 3/8" limit for my adjustments. I had to make some minor adjustment to one of the legs on head of the table, but one leveler was left at it's lowest point. As others have said it takes a lot of turns, but it was worth it! I now have the confidence of knowing if I need to make minor adjustments over time due to additional settling I can make them easily. I also love the fact that the levelers are hidden by the carpet fibers so the table appears to be resting on the carpet. Another note, the levelers have an anti-slip material on both the top and bottom to keep the table legs from sliding off the levelers. The table is very solid and stable in it's location. I researched and read all the reviews before I spend $200 on these levelers. I decided the expense was worth it to me to have the peace of mind knowing I can take care of any leveling adjustments if needed in the future. I hope this review was helpful.

Michael via Amazon 


These levelers are wonderful. Easy to install and use. Capable of minute adjustments. Expensive but worth it! 

Amazon Customer via Amazon 

Great Product 

Works as advertised, excellent design. Would highly recommend. 

Frank Mentor Ohio via Amazon 

The PERFECT Solution

If you're googling and ended up here- just purchase these. You're done. You paid good money for your table- this completes it. If there is ANY concern about the level of your table, this product eliminates it. I really appreciate these folks solving a gnarly problem. Not everyone has their pool table in the basement, and not everyone's basement is in Colorado where the soils are like sponges-- creating havoc for pool tables. But, for those of us that are (or are in a similar situation) this is the product you would build to solve the problem.

You might think the price is high. In reality, if YOU had to design, prototype, review, and invest in the initial manufacturing lot, etc-- you'd be overjoyed to rather pay this asking price rather than the cost of that product lifecycle exercise- and reward those that did. And these little machines are terrific.

If you're noticing ball rolls that are trailing off at the end, then this is the product you need. After installing these and adjusting these, it was like playing on a new table. Simply awesome. It took a wee bit of time to methodically step through each table leg (and figure out which to adjust) but the result is, quite simply, a flat surface.

Installing these, we found that a level wasn't really that useful. The level isn't accurate enough. As you start adjusting the product the level of the table is best determined by watching balls roll in various angles across the table and watching for them peeling off towards a low leg that allows you to create a truly flat service. After all, isn't it watching balls roll that made you notice your table isn't level?!

imho, every pool table sold should come with these! You're not done buying a table until you have it sitting on these.

Yah, I'm a fan of these folks!

scrufficus via Amazon 

Ingenous solution 

After a week of frustration trying to level our new pool table with various shims, paper, junk mail, etc. I went searching online for a better solution. I wanted something that I could adjust leg height without lifting the table over and over again. I found products geared towards work table adjustments, but they all were hideous for this application. I then stumbled on the FlatJax product page. I will admit the price was a little shocking, but with a 30-day money back guarantee and 10 year warrantee I figured I had little to lose and possible my back to save from all the repeated lifting. The product arrived as promised and soon after I lifted my pool table for the last time to add one FlatJax pool leveler under each leg. With provided instructions I had my pool table perfectly level within 30 minutes. I will admit it took many turns (over 50 on the lowest leg) to get all the levelers adjusted (each turn only raises about the thickness of a piece of paper), but fortunately it requires almost no force to rotate. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting a perfectly level pool table. Just amazing... 

Chris Adams via Amazon

Love My Flat Jax! 

I'd actually give them 4.5 stars but that wasn't an option. Bottom line - I love them. Quality material, strong, easy to adjust, pretty much not noticeable when installed and they are a descent price for the quality. The only thing that would cause me to give them 4.5 stars instead of 5 was because I think they could be just a bit thicker. I used them to level my pool table. The table is in a room over my garage and there is not much support under the flooring so it is pretty uneven. Raising the Flat Jacks all the way at one end of the table and none at the other end came close to leveling the table but I still had to put some shims under the Flat Jax that were fully raised. Perhaps the company could offer another size, slightly larger with bigger ball bearings. Overall, the Flat Jax levelers are a great product. 

Scott via Amazon 

Fits Square Legs Too 

I installed these on a Brunswick Hawthorn that I was restoring and re-felting with Simonis 860. The Hawthorn has square legs and feet. I got a piece of 4 inch flat bar and cut squares to fit between the product and the bottom of the feet for good weight distribution and stability. Perfect. This is a trick product that I felt was easy to install as discussed above and looks cool too. 

Douglas D Gardner via Amazon

Worth the price 

Simple easy affective. Worth every penny 

Trent Girtman via Amazon 


"great product. it would be nice if they had a video, showing step by step to level.
it took me about 45 mins to level. 30 mins of understanding how. on the first try, i was amazed i got it leveled so well.

Very well constructed. only question, does this raise the table higher then allowed by professional rules

i am told while leveling table, one leg should sit flush with floor.

i took the product to an expert. he was blown away

i like the pads, much less table slide then with shims" 

Politically Incorrect via Amazon 

What's Not to Love About these 

I was dreaming of inventing this myself years ago and look, someone did it for me. I don’t know, what’s not to love about these things? They work perfectly, and you can tweak your pool table at any time without breaking your back with just a few a twists of the wrench they give you. My little wood blocks after time would compress and my table would get off balance, not to mention they look a lot better too! 

Amazon Customer via Amazon 

Very easy and quick!! 

I have a pool table that is in the basement on slightly uneven concrete surface. It is carpeted, but very little padding. I liked how simple the application was for this product. I decided to try them. I used my floor jack for my car, so i could do this all by myself, without help, or hurting my back. I followed the instructions exactly. I used a regular level. In about 15 minutes i had it done. It was so easy. I am very pleased with this product. I would definitely recommend this product . Earl A. 

Earl Alworth via Amazon 

A great device. 

The revelers were easy to install and worked great. Here are a few tips. Get a hydraulic jack to lift your table. They are inexpensive and work great. Lift the table at the side pockets. There won't be any pressure on the seams. If there are existing shims leave them. 

GeeGee via Amazon